This is the header image for the maps page to help customers find Corporate Expressions, Inc. location

Thank you for your interest.
Due to the construction of the apartment complex across the street from our location
the intersection of Fox Street and Hwy 23 (Buford Highway) may be closed temporarily and
you may need to enter through the residential end of Fox Street and Hall Circle to get to our Store.

This is a map showing landmarks to help customers find our store This is a photo of our store Corporate Expressions, Inc. This is a photo of the Duluth Police complex This is the Dairy Queen located on Buford Highway south of Fox Street This is the Rexall drug and sandwich shop across the street from Fox Street This is a photo of a old bank that is a pawn store at the north side of Fox Street

The locations printed in blue on the map below have approximate travel times from the named areas.

Image of map to our location


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