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A customer by submitting any Artwork, Logo, Graphic or any published printed-electronic material etc.
is acknowledging that they have the right and or permission to order the reproduction of the submitted
material as part of a award, gift or other product Corporate Expressions, Inc. produce for that customer.
Also the submitting customer is in compliance with all laws and regulations concerning Copyright and
Trademark of the submitted material.  In addition the submitting customer also
accepts all responsibilities, legal and financial, with the reproduction of the submitted material.

Files We Accept
We can accept .cdr files up to X3 and .ai files up to CS3.
We will accept .eps, .jpg , .tiff , pdf and .psd for imprint purposes only.
All files must be 600 DPI and sent for PC use only.

Engraving and Lasering
We can only use SOLID BLACK on WHITE artwork for engraving and lasering logos and graphics.
No gray areas, No half tones, No color.

Some items to be engraved may require your Logo or Graphic to be vectored.
We will advise the customer of additional charges.

Artwork Correction
Yes, we can make most artwork useable for engraving, laser engraving or imprinting
We charge $75.00 per hour with a minimum of $35.00 to make bad artwork useable.
A customer will be informed of these charges if needed.

Color Imprinting
To Color Imprint we need a hard copy of the logo or graphic to be copied.
(Preferably on a white background)
It is not advisable to only send color logos electronically without a hard copy accompanying it,
variations in monitors, printers and scanners usually alter the intended color.
PMS numbers are helpful, but we Do Not match PMS colors.
We only imprint basic colors blue, green, red etc.
Also the same color printed on different substrates can appear different.

We will accept .jpg , .tiff , and .psd files with a resolution of at least 600 dpi for imprinting,
however, we request the original image supplied be slightly larger than the intended finished size.

Please contact us for further discussion on your needs and more information.

Helpful Information
Do not take a color image and put it through a black and white printer or copier.
You only create dozens of gray areas and half tones which are not useable.

We can NOT use artwork created for a Web Site.

Do not stretch a image up to make it larger.

Letterhead or a Business card is usually not acceptable as artwork.

Vector all fonts in your logo or graphic and imbed them in the file sent to us.

Layout Proofs
We will send one proof for new orders by fax or email.  Additional proofs are $12.00 per
piece being proofed.  Proofs of reorders of previous orders are $12.00 per piece.
We do not send duplicate proof of items when only Name or Name and Title or
Name and $ amounts or Simple Text change out.  If you require it $12.00 per piece.
We will send one corrected proof should it be necessary.  Additional proofs $12.00 per piece.

IMPORTANT - If you are sent a proof, Examine it carefully.  Any errors you approve are charged to you.

Artwork Transfer
Artwork or Graphics that we repair, correct, create, etc. are produced with proprietary software
and the files created are for our exclusive use on our engraving machines.
Therefore, weather the customer pays for artwork corrections or not we do not share, sell or transfer
artwork or graphics we have created.

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